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Senior Auditor/Accountant

#Seattle, WA


The Senior Auditor/Accountant performs most examinations with minimal supervision. They lead and instruct assistants, review their work, and mandate necessary revisions. This role involves making decisions on all but the most unusual accounting and auditing matters and consulting with a supervisor, manager, or partner when such issues arise.

Core Responsibilities


  1. Review internal control systems.
  2. Assess collectability of accounts receivable and adequacy of loss provisions.
  3. Reconcile intercompany payables and receivables.
  4. Investigate unrecorded revenues.
  5. Classify accounts for financial statement presentation.
  6. Oversee large inventory counts and evaluate inventory items for obsolescence.
  7. Review inventory valuation methods.
  8. Evaluate depreciation methods and asset lifespans.
  9. Inspect securities owned and verify cost, present values, and title forms.
  10. Identify possible contingent liabilities through various methods of investigation.
  11. Verify purchase and sales cutoffs.
  12. Determine the extent of test-checking required for an audit.
  13. Write comments for management letters.
  14. Review entries post balance sheet date for necessary disclosures.
  15. Obtain and document disclosure data, like leases and reporting differences.
  16. Update the client’s permanent file.
  17. Draft audit reports, including footnotes.
  18. Prepare audit programs.
  19. Supervise and train Staff Accountants.
  20. Prepare routine client correspondence for partner or manager approval.
  21. Develop engagement budgets.

The Senior Auditor/Accountant is expected to perform and direct a wide range of accounting tasks to minimize the need for direct participation by supervisors, managers, or partners.

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