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Industry Focus: Financial

At Jacobson Lawrence & Company, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to wealth advisors, planners, banks, and fintech companies. Our team, specialized in the financial services industry, is committed to ensuring your business stays ahead of regulatory changes. We work diligently to provide comprehensive information, aiding our mutual clients in making informed, beneficial decisions.

Who We Serve

Our clientele spans a diverse range of sectors in the financial world. We cater to Broker-Dealers, Investment Banking firms, and an array of Investment Funds including Hedge, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and many more. Our services also extend to Registered Investment Advisors, both SEC and State Registered, along with Exempt Reporting Advisors.

Discover how our specialized services can elevate your business and ensure regulatory compliance.

Offerings for Financial Services

Staying current with industry practices and regulatory requirements set by the SEC, FINRA, and SIPC is our forte. Collaborating with us means gaining access to essential compliance reporting and expert guidance. This not only helps you maintain peace of mind but also extends that reassurance to your customers, clients, and investors.

Assurance Services

We conduct thorough Financial Statement Audits in line with SEC Rules, Surprise Custody Examinations, and other agreed-upon procedures to meet SIPC requirements.

Tax Services

Our expertise includes Income Tax Planning, Compliance, Investor Income Allocation, and handling complex issues like Nexus, Multi-State concerns, FBAR, and Foreign Controlled Assets.

Consulting and Advisory Services

We offer tailored solutions in Cybersecurity, Due Diligence, Fair Value Measurements, Mergers and Acquisitions, and more, ensuring full compliance with regulatory standards.

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We’re here to help every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss how our personalized attention and industry-specific solutions help you maximize your potential.

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