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Industry Focus: Construction

At Jacobson Lawrence & Company, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the construction industry. Staying ahead of industry trends, we bring a rich history of excellent service to construction companies like yours.

Construction Industry Expertise

Our team is among the most experienced in real estate and construction in the US, known for our real estate transaction expertise and proactive approach. We're dedicated to bringing opportunities that positively impact your bottom line.

Maximizing Tax Credits

Assisting with credits like the Section 45L Energy-Efficient New Home Credit.

Section 199 Deductions

Calculating deductions to optimize your tax benefits.

Succession Planning

Structuring tax-efficient strategies for a smooth transition.

Income Management

Defer taxable income where possible and identify carryback losses to decrease your tax burden.

Asset Management

Inventorying assets to minimize property tax liability.

Compensation Structures

Implementing tax-efficient compensation for owners and executives.

Revenue Recognition

Enhancing practices to provide clearer insights for investors.

Multistate Tax Issues

Tackling complex multistate tax challenges.

Sales & Use Tax Compliance

Reducing compliance issues in sales and use tax.

Audits and Compliance Reviews

Conducting internal audits, IT audits, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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