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Comprehensive Tax Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

Our tax services encompass a wide range of offerings to ensure you are always ahead of your tax obligations. We provide expert guidance and support for both businesses and individuals, ensuring your tax needs are met with professionalism and precision.

Our Services

Tax Advisory, Preparation, and Planning

  • For Businesses and Individuals: Tailored solutions for various entity types, including S-Corp and C-Corp.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Covering all aspects of tax preparation and planning to optimize your financial outcomes.

Tax Consultations and Audit Representation

  • Expert Guidance: Navigate complex tax issues with confidence.
  • Audit Support: Strong representation in IRS audits, offering peace of mind and expert handling of your case.

Specialized Tax Services

  • Gift & Estate Tax Return Preparation: Ensuring compliance and strategic planning for estate and gift taxes.
  • Cross-border Tax Issues: Expertise in managing tax obligations for cross-border income and entities.
  • AMT Services: Guidance on Alternative Minimum Tax implications and strategies.

Additional Services

  • Alternative Minimum Tax Services
  • Amendment Tax Preparation
  • C-Corp Tax Preparation
  • Corporate Tax Preparation
  • Cross-border Tax Issue Assistance
  • EIN Application
  • Federal, State, and Local Income Tax Assistance
  • Franchise Tax Preparation
  • Income Tax Preparation
  • Individual Income Tax Preparation
  • Net Investment Income Tax Services
  • Out-of-State Returns
  • S Corp Entity Election
  • Section 199A Pass-through Entity Calculations and Planning
  • Small Business Tax Preparation
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Our team possesses deep knowledge and extensive experience in handling IRS matters.
Expertise and Experience
We recognize the uniqueness of each client's situation and offer tailored services.
Personalized Service
We don't just respond to problems; we proactively work to prevent future tax issues.
Proactive Approaches
We prioritize your privacy and handle all cases with the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism.
Confidentiality and Trust

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