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At Jacobson Lawrence & Company, we're dedicated to guiding over 80 clients in technology, communication, and new media towards building a robust financial foundation to support their growth. Our services extend beyond financial audit and tax assistance; we're here to help your company with comprehensive business strategies, from developing new business plans for innovative products or services to securing growth phase funding. We also specialize in implementing systems for rapid growth, establishing strong financial reporting models, and enhancing your digital marketing strategies.

Specialized Team

Our specialized team comprises financial and IT auditors, along with tax experts, all committed to offering insightful solutions and uncovering opportunities specifically for technology, communication, and new media sectors.

Industry Focus

Staying ahead in technology and tech-based industries requires a keen understanding of evolving trends and best practices. We understand the complex and unique business, accounting, and tax challenges you face. Our clientele is diverse, ranging from software developers and cloud computing providers to IT managed service providers, data centers, IT consulting firms, hardware and software sales companies, and IT staffing firms.

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How We Assist

Entity Selection

Guiding you in choosing the right entity structure for your projects.

Capital Gain Opportunities

Maximizing capital gain treatment for your investments.

Tax Deferral Strategies

Utilizing Section 1031 or 1033 exchanges for tax deferral.

Debt Workouts

Offering solutions for debt restructuring and workouts.

Cost Segregation Studies

Identifying depreciation opportunities to enhance tax savings.

Partnership Structuring

Formulating effective partnership structures.

Audit and Compliance Reviews

Conducting internal audits and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Specialized Tax Credits

Assisting with VHDA/HUD/FHA Reporting, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, Enterprise Zone Tax Credits, Qualified Opportunity Zone Tax Credits, and Federal and State Historic Preservation Tax Credits.

Emerging Technology Industry Expertise

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the emerging technology industry. Reach Out to our team to discover how we can support the growth and success of your big idea company.

Let's Get To Work

We’re here to help every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss how our personalized attention and industry-specific solutions help you maximize your potential.

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